Calling 911

As part of the current COVID-19 screening, you will be asked a screening question. Please be honest with the call taker when answering, this is for the safety of our paramedics, first responders, and healthcare staff. It will not delay any response to your emergency.

Calling for help

It is important to know your information before you call 911. Depending on the nature of your emergency, the communication officer will direct you to the proper service (police, fire, or ambulance) where you will be asked a series of questions.

You will be asked where you require the ambulance and the specifics of that location. The call taker will ask for details such as;

  • Civic address

  • Municipality

  • Apartment number (if applicable)

  • Access codes, lock box information (if applicable)

If your residence or property has a green 911 number, make sure it is clearly visible. Prevent any bushes/trees, vehicles, and/or snow from blocking the paramedics from seeing it.

You will be asked your phone number including the area code. This is recorded in case the call is disconnected, then the call taker can attempt to call you back.

This information is mandatory when calling for emergency services. It does not delay help in any way. In most cases, the paramedics are on their way while you are on the phone.

Stay calm and answer the call takers questions as best as you can. All of the information is shared directly to the paramedics on the ambulance.

Be prepared to call 911.pdf

Check out this helpful guide released by West Parry Sound Health Centre in partnership with local emergency services.

It briefly outlines the information asked when you cal 911. It also shares information about calling the OPP and your local fire department.