Kiddy Corner

Hi there! my name's siren!

I'm a paramedic on the ambulances with Parry Sound District Paramedic Services. If you ever need to call for an ambulance, then it's me and my friends that come to help! You may also see me around the area at different events. Make sure to come say hi if you do!

Take a look at the cool stuff below to learn more about our paramedics and what to do in an emergency!

If you or someone else ever needs to call 911, there's some important stuff to remember! The 911 Dispatcher's will ask you some questions to find where you are so they can send the ambulance where it needs to go. You should make sure to tell them where you live (or where you need the ambulance) and what your phone number is. This is so they can call you back if they have more questions. You can even tell them your name.

Tell them what your address is and what town you live in, then they will ask you what is happening.

It's important to stay calm. The person on the phone will make sure you know exactly what to do while you wait and can stay on the phone if you'd like.

Remember, 911 is only for emergencies!