Community Paramedicine

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Parry Sound District EMS Community Paramedicine Program

Parry Sound District EMS (PSDEMS) has successfully operated a CP program for the past 6 years serving seniors, and vulnerable people that have identified serious health co-morbidities coupled with mobility challenges. PSDEMS currently has in excess of 600 people enrolled in the CP program across the District of Parry Sound. PSDEMS CP medics work to support their clients by assisting them to live in their homes and connect them with services that may otherwise not be available to them.

PSDEMS CP coordinate and manage several successful community-based programs including:

1. In-home Telemedicine (OTN) Appointments: Facilitate virtual appointments with specialists, for those with transportation barriers.

2. Remote Patient Monitoring: Vital sign monitoring and education (blood pressure, pulse, weight, glucometer, temperature, etc.), to facilitate early detection, support, and primary care coordination, reducing unnecessary Emergency Department (ED) visits, and potential worsening of disease.

3. Point of Care Testing: Monitoring for patients on blood thinners, to facilitate medication adjustments, and reduce laboratory and/or unnecessary medical visits.

4. Wellness Clinics: Monthly CP facilitated wellness clinics in senior’s centers and other congregate living facilities discuss their health and have their vital signs assessed. Medication reconciliation is also done for each client at these visits. It also gives the client an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have with their health and facilitate connection with additional services to assist them to live independently in their homes.

5. Influenza Immunization Clinics: In-home seasonal influenza immunization to their clients or those with mobility issues. Additionally, offering influenza clinics to the general public to facilitate access to influenza immunization for all.